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Wallpaper Installation

Design Painting has you covered (literally!) for all your wallpaper needs

Installation, removal, and everything in between. We’ve vetted our team for experience and professionalism and we can promise that we’ll complete your project exactly how you need it done.

Why Choose Design For Wallpaper Installation?

Installing and removing wall coverings like wallpaper, decals, and vinyl lettering can be a challenging task to complete on your own. Prepping walls for installation, applying rolls of paper evenly, and removing coverings without damaging the walls beneath must be done by a professional to ensure a perfect final product.

Fortunately, we have years of experience in wallpaper and vinyl installation services and can help you transform the walls of your home or office without lifting a finger. By connecting you with one of our team members, we can guarantee your wallpaper or vinyl lettering will be installed or removed flawlessly.

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